Victory Hill Capital Partners LLP

Brazil Counting on Higher LNG Imports to Meet Energy Needs

(Bloomberg) -- Brazil, a driver of the surging global demand for liquefied natural gas, could maintain that appetite for the next three years while it works to stoke domestic output of the super-chilled fuel.

Demand for energy in Brazil -- which currently by far outstrips supply -- will push the country’s growth in the next few decades, said Anthony Catachanas, chief executive officer of Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP, which is involved in developing more than 18 solar generation projects across 10 different states in Brazil. In the medium to long
term, Brazil will rely on rising wind and solar generation complementing its hydropower, rather than increased sustained reliance on LNG imports, he said.

“Hydro’s best friend may be gas today, but hydro’s true muse is renewable power generation,” he said. “In the short-term LNG is key to sustaining economic growth in Brazil.”

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