Victory Hill Capital Partners LLP

Anthony Catachanas, CEO of Victory Hill, on the Global Energy Transition

As the alarm bells sound on the urgency to build a new energy order, whilst balancing the need for pragmatism, the key priorities of investing in energy infrastructure continue to accelerate. In particular, decarbonization and electrification are focusing the minds of investment managers and capital allocators.

In this Curated Podcast episode, Anthony Catachanas explains their mission, including their private equity approach, making direct investments in global energy infrastructure, and targeting the energy transition.

Anthony also explains the relevance of his career up to founding Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP, with specific emphasis on the work with energy transactions at Mizuho as well as his time at Goldman Sachs. He explains their broader investment philosophy, before examining the distinct character of local energy markets and the varying opportunities presented in the mid-market space.

Furthermore, he discusses the identification, acquisition and management of assets, and alongside this he describes their priorities, the geographic dispersion of investments and potential returns.

Finally he explains their sustainability and ESG credentials and the speed with which change is taking place in this regard.

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